• NFTs (BETA)



(This is a one time process in order to provide a secure platform)
  • Dowload the app from Appstore/Google Play.
  • Create an Account.
  • Go to Profile and press ”wallet” to create a wallet.
  • Create a pin code.
  • Press ”connect with AVER” for KYC. You will now need an id-card, a passport or a drivers licence.
  • Follow the Aver registration guide to get a valid digital ID.
To list your songshares, proceed to 'onboarding'.
If you have questions or if you want to provide feedback, you are welcome to contact us on "info@zeptagram.com"


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    Zeptagram is a blockchain based trading platform where music ip-rights owners can tokenise their assets. When music creates value, funds will be shared among token holders.



      Step by step guide
      LISTING OF dNFT's (Composers Rights)
      • Open Zeptaweb and log in (https://app.zeptagram.com/signin)
      • Go to 'My Music'
      • Click + on 'ADD A SONG' to list a songshare and to get a verification of your ownership.
      • Choose 'Listing Type' Crowdsale (dNFTs) or Crowdfunding
      • Fill in 'ISWC-Code'. You will find this at your Collection Agency web site, where the song is registered. Example: https://repertoire.bmi.com/ .
      • Links to Collecting agencies are listed below.
      • Fill in song title under name, and a short combination of small letters (a token name) for "short name"
      • Copy and paste one link to your song. For example; Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud etc.
      • Fill in your specific Song ID (Song Key), this is the song-number provided by your Collecting Agency.
      • Fill in co-owners, Publishing year and track duration.
      • If the composition has generated royalty, fill in the ammount. In this case it has to be supported by royalty statement
      • from your collecting agency. If it can not be supported by Royalty Statement, write 0
      • The Description field is for a sales pitch, so possible investors may know more about the music.
      • Click on 'Submit'
      • You will now have to wait for your NFT to be verified. Next step will be to list percentage and price.j
      • When your Songshare is verified, select My Crowdsale and click on the song you wish to list
      • In the new pop up window, fill in the Targeted Ammount of investments you are seeking and the percentage you are listing
      • The minimum contribution is set at $10 per buyer by default, but this can naturally be set to whatever suits your crowdsale
      • Royalty Duration is the period you are redirecting royalty payments through Zeptagram. 1-70 years
      • Start Date and End Date is the Crowdsale campaign period
      • Press SUBMIT
      • Next, click on the Crowdsale listing you have created and chose SEND FOR VERIFICATION
      • When your crowdsale has been verified, again choose the draft you have in the Crowdsale / Crowdfunding list and upload agreement documents. The management agreement is available in the new pop up window. Download the Management agreement and upload a signed pdf-file to enable Zeptagram to administrate the listed percentage of the songshares during the period of your choice.
      • The last step is to click on the Crowdsale-listing you have created again and press DEPLOY CROWDSALE
      • Fill in your Pin Code
      Now your Crowdsale is live!
      With Love, Team Zeptagram

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